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Markus Stockhausen – flugelhorn, trumpet, electronics
Jörg Brinkmann – cello, electronics
Jeroen van Vliet – piano, keyboard
Christian Thomé – drums

Trompetistul și compozitorul Markus Stockhausen (Germania), cunoscut în special pentru contribuțiile sale în domeniul muzicii contemporane și de jazz, va crea momente magice pe scena din Piaţa Sf. Ioan, aducând la viață lumi interioare cu o deosebită sensibilitate muzicală.

Fiu al celebrului compozitor Karlheinz Stockhausen, Markus și-a început cariera la 12 ani, când a început să studieze trompeta. Ulterior, și-a dezvoltat abilitățile de compozitor și a explorat diverse stiluri muzicale, inclusiv jazz-ul și muzica electronică. Stockhausen are în discografie peste 90 de albume, apărute la label-uri prestigioase precum ECM sau ACT, şi, de-a lungul anilor, a susținut numeroase concerte, inclusiv la Scala din Milano şi Covent Garden, fiind recunoscut ca unul dintre cei mai importanți trompetiști și compozitori ai generației sale în domeniul muzicii contemporane.

Four improvising musicians – they are among the best in their field. Markus Stockhausen, winner of the 2021 German Jazz Prize for Brass Instruments, presents a new line-up for his quartet with pianist Jeroen van Vliet. Joy of playing and masterful skill – colorful compositions, inspired improvisations and intuitive playing combine to form a harmonious whole, eliciting unexpected sounds from the instruments. All the musicians also use electronic extensions of their instruments. They are virtuosos in classical music as well as jazz and place high demands on their sound culture, always in search of the ‘magic moment’ on stage. Through their intuitive interplay, they bring inner worlds to life with musical sensitivity. They throw the themes to each other like balls, sometimes complex, virtuoso tone or chord sequences, lively and jazzy, then again harmonious and melodious, calm and inward. A captivating musical experience.

As a trumpet soloist, improviser and composer at home in jazz as well as in contemporary and classical music, Markus Stockhausen is one of the most versatile musicians of our time internationally and is known as a musical border crosser – always in search of new forms of expression. After „Wild Life” and „Tales”, „Celebration” is now being released. On their third album, the Markus Stockhausen Group celebrates the life, music and friendship of their quartet with six wonderful guest musicians from many different countries. As the previous album „Tales” (o-tone music) already showcased many facets of the group, this time they really want to „celebrate” and enrich their music with the extraordinary musicality of those guest soloists.

Press To the last album “Tales”:

“a sound experience of a special kind. […] But the album is also so full of surprises. “A Music Book of Tales” – a sounding music book with stories Stockhausen wanted to present. The trumpeter and composer with a certain self-confidence has absolutely succeeded in doing so.” – SWR2

“Frictions and tensions arise, but no self-assertion needs. The music is carried by a generous consensus and marked by a serene sense of time.” – Frankfurter Rundschau

“In Stockhausen’s compositions like “Sunday Morning” and “Shades Of A Bliss” there are clearly structured sequences. His Band der vier Temperamente with cellist Jörg Brinkmann, pianist Jeroen van Vliet and drummer Chrtistian Thomé sets accents with architectural exactness.”– Jazzthing

“Stockhausen’s clear, dignified tone is a joy throughout; one simply enjoys following his lines. Not least because of Brinkmann’s cello and the lack of bass, the music exhibits a transparent lightness that is unparalleled. Jeroen van Vliet convinces with a subtle touch and a permanently perceptible sense for large musical arcs, and Christian Thomé’s playing is distinguished by a subtle power that is always oriented to the ensemble sound and never presses the music into a simple scheme.” – Jazzthetik